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Waste I / Emma Windsor-Liscombe

Waste I / Emma Windsor-Liscombe

Size: H: 167.64 cm W: 139.7 cm D: 0.25 cm 

Medium: Ink on Paper Bags


This is the first in a series of multi-media drawings that use reclaimed bags, wire hangers and thread found in recycling bins. Windsor-Liscombe explores food waste and packaging, and felt that the very bags used, then thrown away, to contain grocery and market items could symbolize the waste and consumption that our societies too often engage in. The artwork shows the inherent beauty in materials and the subjects depicted. The fruits and vegetables, alongside the warm brown of the bags on which they are drawn, is a way to demonstrate the concept of reclaiming material. 


The work conveys hope for our ability to engage in globally, environmentally sensitive, kind practices, such as reusing and reducing the use of items that are easily forgotten. The piece also furthers understanding of the value of the foods we consume.


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