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Water, Water Everywhere / Mia Cineli

Water, Water Everywhere / Mia Cineli

Size: 19.75" x 27.5"

Medium: print


What if we could view a future which has already happened? Cinelli’s works are designed as artifacts ‘discovered’ from the future and presented for public viewing—a retrospective view of a speculative future. Designed to feel recognizable yet surprising, these works engage with familiar aesthetics of recent history, re-contextualized through future uses, such as disposable packages and advertisements. This hypothetical ephemera highlights what everyday objects of the future might look like, and is shown through images of artifacts paired with representative posters and expository text. Just as contemporary archaeologists sift through historic refuse for insights on culture and behavior, these artworks aim to challenge our perception of preferable, probable, or problematic trajectories — and the actions required to achieve or avoid them.


These works present every-day realities of a climate-changed future, both harrowing and hopeful. Imagining a new, radical future requires levity, hope, criticality, and an urgent, renewed commitment to climate-supporting practices. Demonstrating human innovation, these are part of a climate renaissance that prompts us to consider our planet not as a set on which we play our lives, but as an integral part of our continued existence.



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