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The Climate Crossroads series of Human Impact Stories sheds light on the lives and work of 10 inspiring Indigenous climate leaders from the Global South who are championing resilience in the face of the climate crisis. These incredible individuals have shared stories from their communities, knowledge from their ancestors, and a glimpse into their lives as climate activists, women’s rights advocates, and Indigenous caretakers of the land.


Thank you to all of our local community partners for sharing their expertise and their stories with us. And thank you to the amazing artists who used their creative talents to embody the leadership of our community partners in such inspiring ways.


We'd also like to thank the following for their support:


Graphic Design: Blair Richardson, MiniSuper Studio.

Translation: Agustina Miranda (Spanish), Giane Castro (Portuguese), Aparita Bhandari and Avijit Chatterjee (Hindi), Agathe Laure (French), Vehia Wheeler (Tahitian).

Sound Editing: James Hansen (all languages), Matt Brooks (Spanish and Portuguese), Aparita Bhandari (Hindi), Emma Jacobs (French).


Thanks to all of the programmatic support and leadership of GiGi Buddie, Environmental Community Coordinator, Human Impacts Institute.


Thank you for the partnership of the Tenure Facility and the support of the Ford Foundation for this project.

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